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Contact Acro With OnaRay

Come experience the connection of contact dance with acrobatics... This special 2 hour workshop will also incorporate elements of partner acrobatics and acro yoga with contact improvisation to build connective movement in partner flow.Acrobatic skills can build more strength and flexibility that helps expand the potential for fuller expression in partner flow dance. Learning how to flow in partnership is the focus of this workshop.No partner or experience necessary.Come enjoy this exciting new practice!

WHO is OnaRay?

OnaRay Heart MA, RD, aka OnaRay enjoys immensely the art of innovative movement and artistic self-expression. She has emerged herself into the world of performance art and education by utilizing a multi-faceted array of skills from mythological storytelling, ritual dance, circus acrobatics, stilt walking, aerial artistry, mind/body therapies, and theatrical fire artistry. She also finds herself teaching across the globe and creating transformational learning retreats with higher purpose.

She has dedicated the past 13 years studying the circus arts (aerial and fire artistry, hand-balancing,partner acrobatics, acro yoga and contact improvisation/authentic movement) that feeds her passion for living life. With over 14 years in higher education, earning two degrees in nutrition and humanities, along side 4 years of a full-time PhD program in Mind/Body Medicine, she has found integrative ways to express knowledge and teach from the heart. Her love of movement keeps her training and teaching with passion and dedication.


OnaRay embodies her teachings in her daily life. She is passionate about living an holistic healthy life. She has taught at the university in the department of Nutrition Science and 5 years in community education in Geriatrics. She believes in food choices impact overall health and the aging process. She also believes in each individual power to heal themselves and how community support can help with health and happiness. She now finds herself engaging in holistic- based integrative body therapy and education, circus and acrobatic artistry, acro yoga classes, and experimental transformational education that harmonizes the mind/body/spirit connection.She is dedicated to elevating consciousness in the human potential. OnaRay's desire is to inspire with movement and artistic freedom is her joy. Her life purpose is to raise consciousness that elevates the human potential.She is a dedicated teacher with heart and enjoys life as passionated free spirited soul!


To find our more, checkout her website and Facebook groups…

FB Name: Onamare Heart "follow her"

FB Groups: BodyFlowART

CONTACT: Email is

Cell# 720-280-3414

Follow her Instagram, @acroheart

Early Bird is $18 -- before Feb 18th

Cost at door $25

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