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Tantra, Dance of Connection With OnaRay

Come experience Tantra Magic with breath, sound, and movement.

This special offering it's an opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and others... Come move and connect in a Sacred Space with others to embody Tantra Love and Awareness.

This workshop explores different forms of movement and dance that is invigorating and heart opening... Experience the free flow of tantric energy to emerge as your heart opens up to everything around you…. Allowing new sensitivity to emerge in the body and feeding the heart to open with Tantra Love... 

OnaRay will be incorporating the Art of Tantra presence and heart connection as a gateway for the body to open with sound and movement. 

Come experience the Art of Tantra loving connection at Release Studio with OnaRay.

Heart Donation

Early Bird $22 individual, $35 couple

At door $30 individual, $50 couple

Who is OnaRay?

OnaRay is a spiritual name that embodies a humanness beyond gender. Her passion for Tantra and the Sacred Temple Arts birthed within her a wild exploration in the mid-nineties of erotic art and sacred play. She found herself diving deep into different realms of sexual exploration and personal edges. This wild abandonment against the standard norm of sexual shame and shadow-play evoked a desire to study different forms of living wisdom that now she embodies with her life teachings. 

OnaRay has dedicated her life to seek out many different forms of education in a multitude of ways. She has studied with conscious sexuality educators with ISTA, Source School of Tantra, Urban Tantra, and other passionate teachers across the globe, Shamanic Wisdom holders, and Somatic Movement Therapist for over 2 decades. These teachings alongside 14 yrs of higher education with degrees in Nutrition, Humanities and Sustainable Culture and four years in a Doctorate program in Mind/Body Medicine all have spawned a personal insight into how sexual attitude affects consciousness and overall state of happiness. 

Her dedication to higher learning and how communication affects sexual relations inspired her to study different styles of facilitating and leadership trainings in the fields of Authentic Relating, NVC, and Mind/Body Centering. Today, 20 years later s sshe is feeding her life purpose with loving open relationships, performance art, Tantra teachings and massage, facilitated ceremonies/rituals, intimacy coaching, authentic sexual relating circles, and transformational retreats. She also continues to push the boundaries of physical mastery with aerial art, acrobatics, acro yoga, yoga, and contact improvisation. She earned her 200 hr yoga training in Nov, 2012, in the field of Tantra Yoga at Inan Itah, Nicaragua.

OnaRay has taught workshops, led opening ceremony and rituals, offered performance art at festivals and conferences all throughout the USA, Germany, Sweden, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New Zealand, Guatemala, Canada and Australia. Her nomadic lifestyle over the past 10 years has allowed a shift in consciousness acknowledging the reverence for all life with beauty and grace. Her dedication for self-mastery and awakened sexual consciousness allows her to passionately share from the heart with a path of love!

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