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Lucas Hong-Jei Zhao

25 Solar Revolutions

Visual Artist | | Photographer

Self taught

Aiming to harness the medium of visual

story telling to communicate the divine

nature of reality, perhaps rekindling a

memory of a past or future of greater

unity and harmony with ourselves and

one another.

Lucas Zhao was born and raised in Troy,


He aims to inspire the world and use

photography as a catalyst; combined

with a love of crafting experiences that

have not yet been communicated in a

waking state, in order to invoke a sense

of wonder and empathy to the soul of

every experience. Photography has been

his primary medium of expression since

the beginning of 2010 and design has

been an intuitive curiosity beginning in

2014. Lucas has traveled fairly extensively throughout the United States- living as a nomadic artist since the closing of 2015 and being on the road since, traveling with a canine companion known as Genie.

By utilizing a universal language of symbols, colors, and emotions, he believes that individually following the path of a visual storyteller plays a role in the actualization of our unified potential with hopes to inspire the creativity in the creator within each of us.

Feel free to contact for freelance, collaboration, or image licensing inquiries!

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