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Onamare Heart, M.A., R.D., aka OnaRay lives a life with purpose in Beauty and Grace!  


OnaRay enjoys immensely the art of innovative self-expression.  Her radical lifestyle living as a conscious nomad over 11 years has taught her many life lessons and widen her conscious perspective on life and purpose. 


As an early child, her love of creative movement spawned an intuitive journey into how the body expresses life in the moment… This passion for unbridled expression led her into a world of performance art and transformational education. 


While participating in the circus arts in Los Angeles, she also attended graduate school near San Francisco for two years.  She studied Humanity’s relationship to Healing, Consciousness, and Ecology.  This spawned more desire to deepen her passion for the Healing Arts.


Her curiosity with how the mind and body integrates into a field of wholistic healing is now her life path.  This is why she decided to attend a doctorate program in Mind/Body Medicine at Saybrook University in SF where she attended full-time for 4 years.  She immersed herself in a wealth of knowledge and explored how consciousness affects our human evolution.


OnaRay provides wholistic, integrative body movement education, harmonizing the mind/body/spirit connection.  She has filled her toolkit with a wide range of healing modalities.  She continues to earn certificates in the fields of movement therapies and healing arts.


She recognizes the immense power of how integrative sexuality education affects one’s happiness.  This inner belief led her to study with world-renowned tantra teachers.  She has attended and presented at many conferences on sacred sexuality and consciousness, as well completed different facilitation trainings in shamanic sexual trainings, breath trauma release trainings, and authentic relating trainings.

OnaRay teaches and continues to study different healing arts across the globe as a conscious nomad and visionary leader. She lives her life sharing her knowledge, earned wisdom, and life living lessons.  Her Earth Walk is guided by the heart!  She is here as love!

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