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Yogi Roo

I first developed an interest in food and movement as vehicles

for better health after I graduated from college in 2009.

I was training for my first half marathon when the owner of the

engineering firm I was working for asked me to lead a

health class once a week for my co-workers.

I was healthy, but I didn't particularly know why.

I studied engineering, I wasn't exactly qualified for the task;

I had to research extensively.

I learned about using nutrition and movement to heal the body.

I still wasn't ready for yoga...

I had always been drawn to

more aggressive competitive sports.

I started soccer and snowboarding when I was eight. 

I ran a full marathon and many half marathons.

I used to lift weights and considered competing.

Quiet, slow yoga never appealed to me.

It wasn't fast enough… It wasn't hard enough…

It was boring!

My move to Colorado

instigated a rapid shift in my life.

I discovered what it was like to be conscious

and live with purpose and passion.

I discovered teachers who made me think;

made me reflect; made me question;

teachers who touched my soul a while kicking my ass.

I discovered how nice it was to be with my thoughts and in my body;

how awesome it was to feel my body in slow motion,

pain and pleasure. 
I've completely changed my life path multiple times.

I had been setting my self up for success based on

someone else's standards.

After my most recent shift, I sought refuge in yoga.

I needed some space to be gentle, time to reflect.

More over, I wanted to learn a skill I could share,

a desire inspired greatly by the Burner Community.

 I found I got more than I bargained for…

With the guidance of Christen Bakken and Katy Rowe at The River, yoga broke me open.

It was tough; it was healing; it was empowering; it was liberating. 

My mission is to provide a space for my yogis to lighten their load.

Provide a space for us to show love to each other and ourselves.

I hope to provide a safe place for us to explore and push ourselves and grow.

Share the lightness, heal ourselves and heal each other.

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