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Bri Souva

Bri started pole dancing 2 years ago. After taking her first class she fell in love with the sport and she hasn’t stopped.  She has always enjoyed things that challenge the mind and body. She found something that she was extremely passionate about and wanted to share it with anyone whom showed interest. She has been certified to teach pole classes. The pole classes are taught in a workout format that also display the proper technique and skills required for pole dancing. Each class is taught with 4-5 individual moves that will flow beautifully into one combo. Every class combo is different. 


Class times 

Monday 12:15-1:30

Tuesday 5:45-7

Friday 5:45-7


Class description:


We're excited to announce Release Studio is now offering beginner pole dancing classes. We are currently offering Begginer pole. Pole is a fun, strength and confidence building work out. Pole is a beautiful art form and it's down right sexy. Give it a try. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. All people are welcome. We start with beginner moves so you will build the strength needed to do more advanced ones.  Come see what it's all about! 



Class Duration: 75 Min (60 min structured 15 min free dance)


Buy your passes online - 

10 Pack - $130 

Please arrive ten minutes early. 

Please bring:

Yoga Mat

Water Bottle

Shorts/booty shorts

Heels (optional) or Socks

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