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L.O.V.8 Music with David Bachicha

David Bachicha is a musician/audio engineer/producer with over 15 years of experience in the music industry. David is distinguished by his ability to eloquently draw from his diverse background in Studio Management, Live Sound, Music Business, Sound for Film/Video Games,and music production/performance. David brings a plethora of knowledge and creativity. With a diverse history of musical composition, performance and engineering, he is willing to experiment beyond any boundary in pursuit of his own musical evolution with a playful attitude.

Guest Instructor Michael Ponder​

Michael Ponder is an Engineer/Producer originally from Nashville, Tennessee where he worked on music row for independent and commercial studios for five years before he eventually migrated to Denver, Colorado to make a new home for himself and share his passion for the music industry with a new community. 

While in Nashville he received a degree in music engineering and worked with many of the top recording artists in the local scene, working with such acts as Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, and even long time legend Dolly Parton. 

Eventually, he branched off into the world of electronic music production and live music performance. He was a touring DJ for many years a focus on experimental dubstep and Drum and Bass and regularly toured clubs throughout the South/east coast as well as being a resident DJ for a short time in Denver at Cervantes and various other venues. 

His experience in the Ableton program as well as his knowledge of the recording industry should prove to be a valuable tool for any new producers and artists out there waiting to explore the possibilities of their passion for music.

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